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Anastasia November 1, 2007 08:45

Import a 3d model (Solids 3d) from autoCad to Phoe
hi, i would like to know how cai i import the whole 3d model that i made in autocad in the Phoenics? I know that a have to save the dwg, the 3d solids (extrude) in a STL format but how can i have the whole 3d model in phoenics? My 3d model is made of different 3d solids, it's an urban area made of blocks, simple 3d solids made of an extrusion of a polyline...

hamidreza November 26, 2007 23:16

how can i find inside dimension of cabin of car
hi all.i dont know how i can have dimension of inside cabin of car for import or use in phoenics

thanks if help me

Sima November 27, 2007 01:26

Re: Import a 3d model (Solids 3d) from autoCad to

You should save each solid in a seperate file, then import them to phoenics one by one. Stl file should save in ASCI format not BINARY.


T September 24, 2008 11:04

You can import 3d to phoenics
I try with 3D max, it can import easily to phoenics when you export to STL format file.How ever, i did not find out how to keep the scale yet, you can group the whole objects then change the total dimension, it is my opinion.

T September 28, 2008 13:46

Re: Import a 3d model (Solids 3d) from autoCad to
The best way is that you can import from 3D max, it can create 3d solid, in Cad,Phoenics only recieve solid object. If you do not know how to use 3D max, you can import from Cad to max to Phoenics. Or should build solid in Cad ( extrude) Or you can ask the phoenics company,

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