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Sima November 12, 2007 03:01

Wall heat flux

I want to find wall heat flux on a turbine blade wall. It has a constant temperature boundary condition. Wall heat flux is not between variables in VR Viewer. How can I get it?


patti December 1, 2007 19:52

Re: Wall heat flux
I think you can use InForm to cause it to be stored if you know the formulas appropriate. Let me dig around and see if I can show what I mean... Patti

Sima December 2, 2007 04:56

Re: Wall heat flux
Hi Patti

Thank you for your help. Wall heat flux must be one of the variables which are solved, but unfortunately it does not exist! Also it is not clear that heat transfer coefficient in PHOENICS has benn defined based one what temperature difference and how can we change this criteria?


EF March 18, 2008 18:22

Re: Wall heat flux

you can use a linear source with a high factor instead of fixed temperature for the body. Then heat flux will be printed in the results.

best regards ef

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