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hamidreza ghezavati November 30, 2007 19:39

import ppm as boundary condition
can any body write to me how insert ppm of carbonmonoxide as boundary condition in indoor a cabin

patti December 1, 2007 18:58

Re: import ppm as boundary condition
I *believe* that if you have different chemical species, you might have to use SCRS or else CHEMKIN in a non-reacting (low temperature) mode. You might also check out the library cases maybe SMOKE models will work, since it's really only a gas-phase diffusion problem you're doing... Patti

hamidreza ghezavati December 1, 2007 19:35

Re: import ppm as boundary condition
patti thank u very much for ur helping .i have only co in air that intake no other chemical species .and only want know distribution of co in interior .thank if response to me

Patti December 3, 2007 14:11

Re: import ppm as boundary condition
No, if you have ppm of CO input, you MUST also have air or some other diluent (chemical species). So it is a chemistry problem. I don't know what version of Phoenics you're using, but I think I would try something simple such as the smoke model. File/Load From Libraries.../Browse - I haven't used later versions of phoenics in a while, but I think there was a case of a localized fire in a building. You can set the fire parameters (gas output).

CHAM, do you think that's appropriate? Dilute smoke? My intuition is that at atmospheric pressure, turbulent convection is the driver for transport...


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