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Mehdi BEN HAJ December 4, 2007 15:44

Introducing mass source function by SEM method
I work on the generation of specific wave trains in a numerical tank by using designed mass source function S(x, t), for the equation of mass conservation, in the internal flow region.

Actually, I work on the propagation of a linear monochromatic wave, eta(t) = H sin(Wt)/2, so the source term is: S(t) = CH/A sin(Wt)


C :phase velocity of the target wave

H: wave height

W: wave frequency

A: area of a source rectangular region Omega (constant source function)

**Do some one know how to introduce this source term in the mass conservation PHOENICS code Equation by inform (group 13) ?

(SOURCE of P1 at Omega is :S(t):)

**Is this term automatically taken in account in the other equations (momentum and advection for free surface problems with SEM method) or must we introduce some other source terms (function of S(t)) and how ?

(SOURCE of SURN at Omega is :-S(t)/999:)



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