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Lindel December 12, 2007 15:12

Energy & Mass balance in RES file
Hi Guys,

Can anybody tell me why are the NETT TEMP in in RES file so big difference, while the IN and OUT energy have to be as little as possible (example 0.1%). CFD is based on the energy and mass balance, the R1 shows some satisfactory, but the TEMP not !!!


Patti January 25, 2008 13:18

Re: Energy & Mass balance in RES file
It really depends on your model - it's hard to tell what you're doing. Look in the FAQ section of the PHOENICS docs and it tells you how to calculate the results from NETT SOURCES in the .RES file.

ismail October 23, 2008 19:18

Re:N.S.E , energy and mass in phoenics
how do you make solve problem of water electrolysis in phoenics ? where water electrolysis is composed of cathod and anode and dilute solution

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