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wiercipieta December 19, 2007 14:28

Could anybody help: Velocity&Pressure Profile
I would like to now if there is a good book or articles with illustrations of velocities and pressure profiles, that I may study. I mean just simple use of a ruler to check everything (10% accuracy is enough). I am looking it for 2D and 3D dimension regular channels, isotermal, steady, one phase flow of newtonian fluids. Temporary I would like to omit heat exchanging or multifacial flow problems or others some like that. Especially I hunt for transformation of the turbulent flow into the laminar. Of course I am interested in the profile of the turbulent and the laminar flows as a separate phenomenon as well. I must see all vector velocities and pressure as well. If anybody has an idea where to find the above please send me an email. I would like to skip necessity of using some fluid dynamics software due to I have no access to any right now.

Patti January 25, 2008 13:16

Re: Could anybody help: Velocity&Pressure Profile
Do you mean that you want solved problems to compare your PHOENICS results with?

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