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AMV January 25, 2008 06:58

Immersol model in phoenics
Dear friends,

I am trying to simulate a flow and heat transfer problem in which radiation is important. I am using immersol model of radiation for this purpose. Conventionally, view factors are required for taking into account surface to surface radiation. The view factors depend on the geometry considered.

I would like to know whether immersol model computes the view factors automatically or whether it computes some other geometrical factors and indirectly computes view factors or it completely ignores the effect of geometry ?


PHOENICS January 25, 2008 11:05

Re: Immersol model in phoenics
IMMERSOL is essentially an extension of the P-1 thermal radiation model, and as such it is a "diffusional" model of radiation. The extension allows for transparent medium in a very approximate manner, and it involves the use of the distance between neighbouring surfaces in the diffusion term of the radiosity equation. This extension results in the exact solution for thermal radiation between two infinitely long, parallel plates separated by a transparent medium.

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