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Noel February 7, 2008 11:42

momentum source in half-cylindrical null objects
Dear all, I inserted a half-cylinder object from the Shapemaker and treat it as a null object. Then in Q1 file, I impose a momentum source in that object. I ran the simulation, it converged with low residual. But it didn't give any sensible result for velocity profiles, it acted as if there was nothing inside the object (it was indeed a null object, but with a high source of momentum). Even if I change the value of source into a very high number or improve the mesh, the outcome remains the same (no effect of momentum source).

When I used a null rectangular object instead of the half-cylinder object, the momentum source gave some impact, it changed the velocity profile as expected. But this doesn't happen with the half cylinder.

Can anyone help me how to impose a proper source of momentum in a proper half-cylindrical null object ?

Regards, Noel

mohamad December 16, 2008 06:51

Re: momentum source in half-cylindrical null objec

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