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CFDonlineUSER February 19, 2008 11:00

IMMERSOL and solar radiation

I am trying to simulate solar radiation over a complex geometry. I thoight that a radiative plate at the domain's boundary would be a good solution. I used the Immersol model and added the following lines at group 13:

PATCH (IMSW... ,HWALL ,0,500,0,500,80,80,1,1) COVAL (IMSW... ,T3 , GRND4 , GRND5 )

and the following at group 19: SPEDAT(SET,EXTRN_QEXT,SUN,R,8.00000E+01)

to represent the fixed flux of 800 W/m2.

I get crazy temperatures though. Anyone with experience in IMMERSOL?



Ton May 11, 2008 05:18

Re: IMMERSOL and solar radiation
Hello Now I used comercial Code for CFD, CFDRC , So I used solar radiation but I don't known how to check the accurate result If you try this soft ware May be can solve your problem.

Best Regards


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