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Danny Ditroia March 30, 2008 21:24

Air flow inside infant incubator!!!
Hi there, I am currently studying in my final year at University and my final year project involves simulating the air flow inside the housing of a new baby incubator I have designed. I have been informed CFD is the best way to achieve this and after spending the last week attempting to work out how to use PHOENICS I am turning to you in need of some help! I need to simulate two basic air flow models, one is a standard shaped incubator housing (rectangular box) and the other is my new hemispherical (dome) shaped incubator housing. They both simply need 4 inlet vents and 4 outlet vents with hot air blowing through the inlets. I have picked up a very basic understanding of the programs workings but would much appreciate it if somebody could either post on here how they would go about this or kindly call me to explain :) My mobile is 07877925367 and if anybody is located near Brighton I would be willing to pay them for a short consultancy session in order for me to get this done, it is very important I get this finished in the next week! Many thanks, Danny.

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