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PattiMichelle Sheaffer May 6, 2008 15:22

INIVAL object in PH2006 gone?
What is the recommended way to create initial values - the INIVAL object seems to be gone from the VR-Editor choice of types. Is this now done via USER_DEFINED somehow?

Thank You, Patti

Allen Badeau June 5, 2008 08:58

Re: INIVAL object in PH2006 gone?
Hi Patti, What types of objects would you like to create initial values for? They can be done using either the objects/attributes, or through directly editing the Q file.

Best Wishes, Allen

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PattiMichelle July 17, 2008 14:57

Re: INIVAL object in PH2006 gone?
Thank you for the reply! For instance, I wanted to set an initial velocity or temperature in a region of gas flow.

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