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mahe September 16, 2008 11:21

Question about inlet
Hello everyone

I have a question on inlet boundary condition.At inlet,I can choose to give the three velocity components,vol flow rate or the mass flow rate.I want to know the differences when phoenics deal with three different inlet boundary conditions.For example,the area of inlet is s,the velocity of z direction is w and the density is rho.Will I gain the same flow field if I set the inlet boundary conditions as Vz=w,vol flow rate=w*s,mass flow rate=rho*w*s respectively when other conditions is the same ? Could anyone help me? Thank you for your answers.

Allen Badeau September 16, 2008 12:11

Re: Question about inlet
Dear Mahe...You will gain the same as long as they are specified correctly and the flow conditions are the same, e.g. mutliphase flow activation, etc.

Best Wishes, Allen

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