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Rafael September 26, 2008 17:47

Combustion with PHOENICS
Hi all,

I need to simulate a combustion process which takes place inside a turbine. We have modelled the internal part of the turbine where the combustion occurs. The model is in stl format and can be exported to PHOENICS.

Can any one give me some guidelines or clues of how I can achieve this with PHOENICS?

Regards, Rafael.

Patti October 23, 2008 21:05

Re: Combustion with PHOENICS
I have not tried turbulent combustion in PHOENICS, but there is a separate tutorial in the PHOENICS documentation on the use of combustion. There are also cases in the Case Library. There are a couple of different chemistry models, including eddy break-up, single-step chemistry, and detailed chemistry (e.g., CHEMKIN). I also saw some references to a multi-fluid-model of combustion, but I know nothing about it.

The primary problem with modeling a turbine is the effect of turbulence on the reactions. You will have to look through the literature on turbulent combustion and see if you can come up with a good chemistry model and a good turbulence model. Likely you will find that turbulence model is built into PHOENICS. You'll probably need to use the simplest combustion model you can find (SCRS or ESCRS are what they are called in PHOENICS.

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