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ismail October 23, 2008 19:26

multiphase flow ,phoenics user forum
hellow everybody:

My name is ismail. I am trying to simulate the chemical reation which is about the multiphase flow (two phase). I consider the liquid-water in a electrolyzer and there are two electrodes in it.

I want to electrolysis the liquid-water and produce the H2 at the surface of cathode and the O2 at the surface of anode. Beside, the mass of the H2O(consumpted), H2(generated) and O2(generated)must to be shown or calculated in my problem.

The simple chemical reaction is below.

H2O(liquid)---->H2(gas) + O2(gas)

This problem is involved with the multiphase and the species transport. Which multiphase model should I choose? And how can I see the phenomenon of the species transport? And how can I calculate the amount of the H2 or O2 which is generated by the chemical reation?

Please help me. Thank you~

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