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Eliseo Martinez February 13, 2009 18:59

error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
Dear PHOENICS users

I am simulating an air flow around a complex geometry with cut cell method (PARSOL) and I have had problems when I execute the post processor (VR viewer) because appears the next error message: "There is insufficient storage space for all the cut-cell data. Only the firts 30000 cells will be displayed correctly. To enable all cells to be displayed, please reset the parameter MXCT in satlit.for to 131513 then re-build satellite.

I have changed the MXCT value and have rebuilded the satellite but appears the same message error. How can I solve the problem?

Alex February 16, 2009 06:39

Re: error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
I also want to know how to solve your problem. Before that when you execute satellite, do you execute the public or private satellite. ( On PHOENIC Commander-Option-Run Version -satellite - prompt ) just to make sure.

You can run also run on PHOTON to get for post processing

Eliseo Martinez February 16, 2009 22:07

Re: error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
I have executed the satellite, earth, and photon on private option.

I have found that the phi_file is read at 100% but the problem is in the PBCL_file because the message appears when the file is read.

Alex February 17, 2009 03:30

Re: error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
Since the engineering problem that you are computing now is not opened to everyone except you. My suggestion is that you can solve the problem with a little bit less density of grid than the one you have currently computed. Jst to check if the problem is still occur with the private option for satlit.for, earth.for and photon.for

Eliseo Martinez February 17, 2009 14:23

Re: error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
I have used a less density of mesh and there are not problems. Moreover, I have simulated without PARSOL and there are not problems. So, I suppose that there is any conection between the error and the RAM memory in the computer but I am not sure

Alex February 19, 2009 05:34

Re: error message in VR viewer for PARSOL
It is a good news. Perhaps you can show the results to your superior, so that you have an ample time to make further inquiries with CHAM. I am sure they can provide you with more helpful information

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