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RJD March 4, 2009 17:09

Restart of variables in parallel phoenics
Has anyone had issues using the restart of variables in parallel phoenics? I have a model that has run 5000 iterations for 1.6 million cells and i would like to just rerun the contaminant solver. I have set all other variables to not solve and readfile except for the contaminant which is set to solve and initial value at 0. When I run the parallel solver it starts in the text window and gets to the point of:

Properties have been read from PROPS

start of examination of all patches

end of examination of all objects

and then it just stays there. I don't have the issue if i don't use the restart for all variables, but then I would have to rerun all iterations for my needs.

Has anyone else had this problem? thanks

Stel April 25, 2009 23:34

Sorry for not present you an answer
I actually would like to ask you how did you got to make the parallel phoenics to work... I have the proper license for using parallel phoenics, I made something related to configuring the MPICH feature, but when I try to solve using 6 computers the solution takes much more time than in a single computer
Any help on how must I correctly configure parallel phoenics? I would trully appreciate

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