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RJD March 4, 2009 17:15

Problem with importing .stl file
I have created a clean .stl file using Google Sketchup with several individual buildings. When I import the .stl file into Phoenics most of the buildings are now at different heights/elevations and are floating above the ground. Has anyone had a similar problem? How did you fix it? I rebuilt the Sketchup File and .stl file multiple times to make sure its clean, but no matter what I do the buildings are floating all at different elevations in Phoenics. Ryan

cavangk1 April 15, 2009 13:17

When you import, should choose "Object constrained by Domain " and choose "Yes"
The trouble with google sketchup is also much,'cause phoenics only recieve the solid file.You may use 3D max to do it, I have no trouble with 3D max

shineone April 23, 2009 02:28

I also made models in Sketchup, then i export DXF from Skechup, but the shape of buildings are totally changed. please tell me what can i do

quezacolatus June 23, 2009 03:40

Hi, I use Inventor and works just fine with any STL.
When importing STL at the second dialog click - import geometry from file and see if that holds. The constrict by domain is of no help and has nothing to do with the floating or anything.

mukut April 21, 2010 07:30

Have u used any SFTP, FTP and SCP client for transferring ur .stl file to phoenics directory? If so, during transfer check the transfer option. I have fetched same problem earlier time. change the transferring mood as TEXT and try to load again .stl file in phoenics.

harishr_jack May 15, 2010 03:18

are you importing as 2-3 models of STL or single stl?
I can give you a solution for your reply

Hari V.B.

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