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Mukut March 10, 2009 22:24

About Phoenics help!
Dear All, I need immediate help about drag calculation of a car body placed in a wind tunnel by phoenics software. In phoenics library the given sample q1 file regarding to drag calculation does not work. I need all of your help and advice. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thnx

Mukut March 10, 2009 22:47

Re: About Phoenics help!
Please reply anybody..........

mukut March 17, 2009 21:37

Hello, I am waiting from all of you expert in Phoenics. I need your argent help and advice. Thank you all

phoenics_cfd March 18, 2009 06:49

More information is needed. What library case number is it? In what way does it not work? Divergence? Is there an error message?

mukut March 18, 2009 07:04

Thank you so much. It is the library case Y114, drag and lift calculation of a body. I am using Phoenics 2006 version. But the q1 file can't run earth, message shows, force stop of fortan. I think something wrong code in PLANT......can you please help me??? Thanx again.

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