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Antony March 12, 2009 15:00

finishes before convergence and last sweep
Dear all, I run a steady state problem with Phoenics. I just can't understand why it finishes before the LSWEEP and before it satisfies the RESREF criteria (with RESFAC = 1E-3). The (res sum)/resref in the result file are still big (about 1.5 E+01) for some variables.

When I change the RESFAC from 1E-3 into 1E-4, it can run until the last sweep although only one of PHI variables has (res sum)/resref > 1.

I paste below two pieces from result file which indicates the termination before LSWEEP and before the criteria is satisfied.

Regards, Antony

================================================== ======

sweeping terminated before lsweep

last swp= 5772 lsweep = 40000 iswstp = 40000

Whole-field residuals before solution with resref values determined by EARTH & resfac= 1.000000E-03

variable resref (res sum)/resref (res sum)

P1 6.664E-06 3.056E+01 2.036E-04

U1 4.682E-04 1.243E+00 5.820E-04

U2 6.632E-04 7.228E-01 4.794E-04

R1 1.094E-08 1.507E+01 1.648E-07

R2 6.653E-06 1.549E+01 1.031E-04

H1 3.892E-04 1.038E+00 4.041E-04

H2 1.029E+00 5.577E-01 5.741E-01

C1 5.528E-10 2.878E+00 1.591E-09

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