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PattiMichelle April 6, 2009 16:06

Help! Supersonic flow (Library Case 911)
I'm trying to evaluate Phoenics 2008 for supersonic flows, but I've run into two problems when I try to adapt Library Case 911 (supersonic nozzle flow) to my needs: (all variables solved whole-field)
1. I can't do conjugate heat transfer (because the supersonic case seems to need to solve for Enthalpy as opposed to Temperature, and temperature is needed by Phoenics for conjugate heat transfer calculations).

2. When I try to refine the grid, the solution goes unstable near the axis at the *outlet* - I've tried heavy relaxations, but it always occurs.

Any suggestions appreciated!!!!!!


PattiMichelle May 19, 2009 10:19

Replying to my own post - apparently it's as easy as changing the solved-for variable from C1 to TEM1. I assumed there would be other needed changes...

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