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fastnfuriousamit June 4, 2009 05:51

plz helpppp
Is there any way to set up a boundary condition, where conduction is equal to convection, i.e a fully convecting condition, using only the Virtual Reality environment????????????

Koolifant June 5, 2009 03:11

What do you mean by fully convecting conduction? Only conduction through convection i.e. no radiation or conduction?
You could use an inlet. Radiation as far as i know is only taken into account when you turn on the option 'external radiative link'. I'm not sure conduction can be seperated from convection here. I guess you would need some inform lines for that, e.g. place a convection (mass, mass-related heat and momentum source on an adiabatic (e.g. plate) boundary).

fastnfuriousamit June 5, 2009 03:16

I meant a Huygen's type boundary condition in which one at one end, the total heat conducted through a rod is equal to the total heat convected into the there any way to do so using VR?

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