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saurabh June 9, 2009 04:34

please help-time varying inlet velocity
hi friends,
i m new to phoenics. My inlet velocity is varying with time which i know, how should i set the time varying inlet velocity in phoenics for transient simulation. please help me.

Nikolay June 9, 2009 06:17

time varying inlet velocity
Dear Saurabh

Simples to specify in Q1 the inlet boundary conditions for variables p1, u1, v1 and/or w1
at each time step. For example
at 1st time step
PATCH(TIME1,CELL,1,NX,1,NY,1,NZ,1,1) (here 1,1 first and last time step are 1)
COVAL(TIME1,P1 ... ) ('...' is your conditions)
COVAL(TIME1,U1 ... )
COVAL(TIME1,V1 ... )
at 2nd time step
COVAL(TIME2,P1 ... )
COVAL(TIME2,U1 ... )
COVAL(TIME2,V1 ... )
For more complex problem You can use In-Form feature which can set souces by formula.
This formula can contain the variables TIM (current time, seconds) and ISTEP (number of current time step).

Best regards,
Nikolay Pavitskiy.

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