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Mahe June 12, 2009 23:31

Question about inlet setting
Dear all
I have some problems on setting the inlet boundary conditions.By reading some CFD books, I know that it is enough to be the inlet boundary condition to solve N-S equations when the three velocity components and density are given at the inlet. So, why phoenics still treat the inlet mass flow rate as mass source and add it into the pressure correction equation when the velocity at inlet is given ?
The following are copied from the PIL tutorial and to take an example of what I say above
cvl4='Please_set_mass_flow_rate_for_inlet_called_i nlet'
cvl4='Please_set_u_velocity_component_for_inlet_to _10.0'
cvl4='Please_set_v_velocity_component_for_inlet_to _0.0'
cvl2=value(inlet,v1,0.0)I am looking forward your answer. Thank you very much.

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