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anupbkc July 28, 2009 10:39

Finned Tube "Virtual wind Tunnel"
Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to simulate "Finned tube heat exchanger" for heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop in Phoenics for a quite a while now.

What I have done so far!!

1. I made one to one 3D model of the Finned tube and placed it in
phoenics simulation domain, simulation domain like a wind tunnel.

2. Defined one side of the Domain (wind tunnel) as inlet and other side as
outlet, 3D model placed somewhere in middle of the tunnel. And let the
air flow from inlet to outlet. "Air is a cooling agent"

3. Defined fixed temperature for the tube as a heat source.

4. Result very much fluctuate with the change in the mesh size. Is there
anything that I have to take in consideration while defining the mesh

5. Precisely is there any thing like mesh size has to be smaller than the
thickness of the wall?... whereas lets say if the thickness of the wall is
0.5mm then is it ok if the mesh size is 0.4mm or 0.2mm or are there
other criteria? And if yes then what it is?

The problem is

I am not getting any consistent result where i can draw any conclusion, So my question is

Has anybody till date did anything like this?

Which turbulence model did you use? Reynolds are less than 2000 so assume its laminar.

What are the deviation you got in pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient and what is acceptable in terms of deviation from the experiment result 10%, 20% or 40%?

I would very much appreciate for any kind of help from your side. If my question is not clear to you then please write I will try to describe you the problem in more detail.

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