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quezacolatus July 31, 2009 04:27

Combustion thru ESCRS or CHEMKIN
Hey guys,

Has anyone done any combustion cases with at least 2-3 reactions in a Cartesian Grid Coordinate system?
Anyway I can get some help with the set-up? I've been trying to simulate but with no avail. I have separate inlets, and the reaction is H2-Air. One is on the X axis and the other is perpendicular to the Air one at a distance of 30 cm from (0.0.0).
Can anyone help with some suggestions?

If you need more details I can happily forward.


phoenics_cfd July 31, 2009 07:44

I can't think of any Cartesian examples of multi-reaction combustion/chemistry cases in the PHOENICS Input Library of Examples.

Library case C204 is a premixed flame using CHEMKIN and multiple reactions to describe laminar H2-air chemistry. It does use a Cartesian coordinate system, but is only one dimensional.

Library case C305 simulates turbulent combustion of a gaseous hydrocarbon fuel using a 2-step reaction with the ESCRS combustion model. However, the case is solved in 2d cylindrical polar coordinates rather than Cartesian coordinates, but it does serve as an example of how to use the ESCRS model for a two-step reaction mechanism.

From what you have written it is difficult to see why the use of a Cartesian coordinate system should present a problem. What is the exact nature of the problem you are encountering?

quezacolatus January 7, 2010 00:59

I have problems injecting fluid thru a STL import with holes. The fluid will not go thru the holes.
I tend to think it's the pressure. I use a user-defined inlet patched for CHEMKIN (NOCPCK) and I set the temperature for the inlet outside the patch, but have problems setting the pressure of injection. Any help? Do i do it in the patch ( pressure FIXFLU and my value ?)or just add a SPEDAT aside like the temperature?

Thank you,

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