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yumedora August 16, 2009 21:18

The deletion of the variable
I study in - form of Phoenics in Japan
Please teach it about follows
(1) A method to delete the variable that I made in store
Please teach it

John_L August 18, 2009 08:01

If you created the STOREd variable from Main Menu, Solution control/Extra variables, STORE, Apply, the new variable will have appeared in the list of variables. If there are more than 5 variables, there will be a > next to the 'Variable' header which you can use to scroll across to see the new variable. It will have Y for the first row, and N for the second meaning that it is stored but not solved. To get rid of it, click the Y in the first row and the entire column will disappear.

yumedora August 19, 2009 02:45

Thank you for john_L, an answer
Thank you for john_L, an answer
It was saved very much.
I thank you heartily.

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