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ananta October 30, 2009 03:15

bulk mean temperature

I want to find bulk mean temperature of fluid flowing through a heated pipe. The Tm, bulk mean temperature of the fluid (sum[TxUxA]/sum[UxA]) is to be found at different cross-section of the pipe. Is there any bulit in option in PHOENICS for this? If it is to be found by user coding, please give the guidance.

With regards


yahamine November 5, 2009 19:27

first you need to fix the sections where u want to calculate your mean bulk temperature
second u need to write your bulk mean temperature correctly (exemple: sum[T(i,j)xU(i,j)xA(k)]/sum[U(ij)xA(k)])) where ijk are the nodes indices(if you are working in 3D)
then you have to find the position of your temperature and velocity in the F file(file where all variables stored)
and last insert your equation in ground.for file after the time loop and write the result in a new file.

hope this helps

ananta November 10, 2009 01:17

Thanks !
Thanks !

I have done it in the same way you have suggested, but through 'Inform'. It is working nicely. Thanks a lot !



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