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bearcat February 4, 2010 19:02

Question about the MIGAL solver

MIGAL solver is said to be a very efficient coupled FVM solver for incompressible flow. Can anyone tell me what kind of method is this solver based on? Pseudo-compressibility or space-marching (solving elliptic eq. only) method or any other advanced method? And what kind of scheme does it use for spacial and temporal diecretization?

Can anyone recommend one or two online academic papers on the formulation of MIGAL? I can only find Ferry's "New Features of MIGAL Solver", which is not very detailed on this. And it mentions the Rhie-Chow interpolation for velocity-pressure coupling. I think this technique is only used for segregate pressure-corrected solver. Why is it applied to the coupled MIGAL solver?

Thank you very much.

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