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nms February 8, 2010 14:37

heat transfer in porous medium (ground source heat pump)
I am new to Phoenics and wondering if anyone can let me know how to set the domain as a porous medium (to represent the soils and rocks underground).

Basically I am trying to set up a model to calucate the conduction and convection heat trasnfer through a vertical pipe buried underground within a borehole.

In addtion, is that possible to set a cylinder object (as a circular borehole) with a porous surface? I have tired but only if the object type is plate (with no thickness), not cylinder.

Thanks a lot for your help !!!!!!!!!

Linh.Hoang February 9, 2010 04:19

Hello nms,
to set the domain as a porous media i would try to set the domain first as air then make a new object with the size of the domain an set it as solid.
In the q1 file you can set the porosity, take a look here:
I haven´t done it myself yet but i think this will work, and the same way with the porous surface i think.
Hope this helps

nms February 15, 2010 13:22

Thanks a lot Linh :)

By the way, do you know how to set up an annulus object as well ? There is a pipe located at the middle of the borehole to extract water out from the ground, but the water is discharged to the borehole directly through the annulus space.

Linh.Hoang February 16, 2010 05:19

Hello nms,
i´m not quite sure what do you want to model. As far as I understand you´ve got a pipe in a hole in the ground, so i would make a pipe in a pipe. The outer pipe is filled with air(domain material) and the inner pipe filled with water. The surroundings of the hole (outer pipe) is then your porous media.
Hope that helps.

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