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cesar.14bis April 13, 2010 22:14

forces on blockages using BFC grid
Hi all...
I'm trying to calculate the drag and lift coeficients of a wing section using BODY FITTED COORDINATE grid. In the "output" item on the Main Menu window, Iīve checked the item "output forces on blockages" like "ON". But after run the solution, I clicked on the blockage(the profile) an ask for the results and the message that appers on the result window is: "No sources can be found for this object in the RESULT file". I hope for some help.
thanks all

Cesar - from Brazil

Linh.Hoang April 14, 2010 02:46

Hi Cesar,
I think itīs only possible to calculate the forces in cartesian or cylindrical-polar grid. Take a look at POLIS:


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