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Linh.Hoang April 19, 2010 10:01

Hello everybody,
I need some help regarding PINTO. IŽm using Phoenics 3.6.1
I first tried a simple case to understand what PINTO do but it doesnŽt work.
iŽd like to interpolate my results from my phi file to a finer grid.
my Q1PIN file looks like:

NX=36 XFRAC(1)=0.1 XFRAC(2)=0.4 XFRAC(3)=0.1 NZ=16 XFRAC(1)=0.4 XFRAC(2)=0.1 BNDSET(ALL)=T STOP

In my PINLOG file is no error message just:

I even tried to use PINTO to convert my PHI file to PHIDA file with a Q1PIN file like: LDA=T STOP.
But iŽve got the same message in the PINLOG like before.
Any suggestions?


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