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cesar.14bis April 24, 2010 02:47

Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model
Hi all
I trying to calculate the drag and lift of a low-reynolds high-lift airfoil using RSTM model, but i'm having problems to activate this model. What i should do???
Thanks all

Cesar, from Brazil.

PS:I tried k-e model but the airfoil have separations zone that the k-e model can't simulate correctly. The results with k-e were far of the experimental data.

Linh.Hoang April 26, 2010 01:56

Hi Cesar,
I havenīt worked with the reynold stress model yet but why donīt you set the RSTM = T in the Q1 file? like told in Polis:

Have you tried this and it didnīt work?


Darren Leong December 2, 2010 22:28

Hi Cesar,

I've only so far explored the rstm models using ANSYS CFX. The k-e model is highly sensitive to the grid density/y+ around the foil shape. I suggest that you do a grid independence study and apply a SST model if avalaible in pheonics.

How far off were the results? ~15% is alright for initial validation of your model as the procedure's semi-blind unless you're really confident of your experiment data accuracy.


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