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skarnani April 30, 2010 18:32

Jet diffusion flame problem
Hello All.
A previous student in our lab was able to simulate a diffusion flame with CH4 as the fuel in an ambient environment. To ignite the flame, a small heat source is placed at the exit of the jet for a short period of time. He set up the problem using a Cartesian coordinate system, with the z-axis as depth. As a first step to convert this to cylindrical-polar coordinates, I first attempted to change the orientation of the geometry by altering the q1 file, while still keeping everything in Cartesian coordinates. Everything moved just fine, except the flame will not ignite anymore. The heat source still works, and there is some heat release from the reaction, just not enough to sustain itself.

If anyone has seen something similar or has any idea of where to look, it would be super helpful.


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