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dezine_gen August 20, 2010 11:51

Making of 4 quadrant of windcatcher.
Dear All,
I need help in making a model of 'windcatcher' in Phoenics 2009.
Those who are not aware of what 'windcatcher' is, please see the attached image. A windcatcher has 4 quadrant winthin its square shape and air flows in and out each quadrant independent of each other.

My problem is when I'm trying to model it in Phoenics 2009, I'm experiencing that I can't rotate any plate object in the program. I've tried with the 'shapemaker' and still unable to do that.

I've imported .stl, .dxf and .3ds files and they appeared, but the air flows through from one to another, with those imported geometry (even though I assigned them as blockage material means the four quadrant is not working, they are behaving like one box.) I want the air that 'flows in' should not mix with what is 'flowing out'. You can see in the attached image that air is mixing from one quadrant to another, which I dont want.

Can anyone help me about how I can make a shape as in the image attached here? Many thanks in advance for your help.


Linh.Hoang September 3, 2010 01:38

Dear Tanvir,
maybe the cells are not blocked. sometimes when you import a stl an it has very thin walls you have to minimize your cells too. Make your Model tranparent and turn on geometry cells then you can see if phoenics recignize your model.


mukut September 24, 2010 22:37

1. Is PHOENICS installed in your working PC or using via server? If you are using PHOENICS from university server like me, please check the copying method during transfer from your pc's HDD to your working directory. Last time I have fetched a problem that the 3D shape (stl file) of a car body become 2D when I imported to PHOENICS.

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