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jyothishkumar July 5, 2011 05:17

equilibrium wall function
Dear Friends,

Can anyone help me in the expression given in phoenics code for equilibrium wall function.

What is given in the Phoenics documentation is

sturb = (k/LN(E*Re*SQRT(sturb))**2 (brackets are not actually closed)

Is it (k/LN(E*Re*SQRT(sturb)))**2 (sturb^2)


sturb = k/LN(E*Re*SQRT(sturb))**2 (is it LN(E*Re*SQRT(sturb))**2 ?)

Someone Please help me in this regard.

Advance thanks


phoenics_cfd August 3, 2011 12:16

The following expression can be derived

sturb=kappa/[ ln (E*Re*sqrt(sturb) ]

by re-arranging the log law

u+ = ln(E*y+)/kappa

and noting that


Re = (u+)*(y+)

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