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Jango_fett September 23, 2011 15:14

transport equation for entropy
Good day, I would like to ask something, expecting someone answer my question.

Does someone know if Phoenics can solve or have the option in order to calculate the entropy production?

I'm interested on calculate the irreversabilities into a heat exchanger where a turbulent flow pass through fins.

I will be very greatful, if someone can help me or give me information about if is Phoenics can calculate the entropy by using the transport equation

Nice day:)

phoenics_cfd October 17, 2011 05:55

Entropy production in PHOENICS
One could compute the entropy production rate as a post-processing exercise by simply adding the contributions due to viscous and thermal effects. An example of such an approach has been given by F.Kock & H.Herwig, "Entropy production calculation for turbulent shear flows and their implementation in cfd codes", Int. J. Heat & Fluid Flow, Vol.26, Issue 4, p672-680, (2005). This sort of approach can be implemented very easily in PHOENICS by using the INFORM facility.

A more elaborate approach would be to select and solve one of the scalar variables provided by PHOENICS, i.e. C1 or C2 or C3, etc. The necessary entropy production terms can be introduced into this transport equation, again by the use of the INFORM facility. Various forms of the modelled transport equation for entropy can be found in the literature, see for example: M.Safari et al, "Entropy Transport Equation in LES for Energy Analysis of Turbulent Combustion Systems", Entropy, 12, 434-444, (2010).

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