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Roblad January 26, 2012 10:46

Difficult inlet position causing problems...
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I am relatively new to CFD and I have obtained Phoenics CFD software to use for my Uni Project.

I intend to model the suction that is induced around the surounding area of an outlet of a nozzle for ventilation however I am having difficulties with the nozzle inlet. The inlet is positioned at z = 0mm and after the program has run (approx 2 hrs) there is always extreme turbulance between the edge of the outlet and the nozzle wall that I am pretty sure is incorrect.

The nozzle wall is thin (1.5mm) so grid has geometric progression towards these areas. The inlet flow veloctity is 5m/s.

I have attached a pic of a program that I have just ran for reference.

Any Sugesstions would be greatly appreciated.

Wikie February 9, 2012 14:45


have you solved your problem? If not it would be helpful if you'll post some pictures of your geometry and your mesh.


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