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Vincent November 10, 2005 12:15

Gridgen problems
I have the following problem in GridGen V15:

After creating domains I can not create a Block, since GridGen detects "free edges" in some connectors. How can I get rid of those edges? I do not know why these free edges exist, the connectors in which the problem is detected are all used in 2 domains, and therefore the domains seem to form a closed surface.

John Chawner November 12, 2005 18:20

Re: Gridgen problems
Hi Vincent,

Try the Merge command in the Connectors menu. It will display all connectors by how they're used in the mesh. If any red (i.e. free) edges show up in the middle of a block's face, those connectors will have to be merged using other commands in the Merge menu.

One reason this can happen is if the domains were created on database entities using the On DB Ents command and the grid inherited gaps from the database. The Merge command fixes this.

If the grid file is relatively small, feel free to email it to me at gridgen at pointwise dot com.

Hope this helps.

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