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junkie71189 June 15, 2012 02:02

Guidance required for making a C grid in pointwise
Hey guys,

I'm new to using Pointwise and I was wondering if there was a simple way of making a C-grid for a flow over an airfoil case?
In gridgen, I remember that we could choose the same connector twice to extrude in different directions that made life easier. However, I'm not able to find any easy way out in Pointwise. (I also couldn't convert the 2D gridgen mesh to 3D in pointwise)

Also, I had great difficulty in making a grid when the trailing edge was not sharp. How do we tackle that situation?

I tried making one on my own by some regular geometry methods but after using the output polymesh files, the case didn't work.
Help would be very much appreciated! :)

Thank you in advance

ebah6 September 5, 2012 15:59

Hi Venkat,

Did you figure out how to do your C-grid in Pointwise?
If so, can you post your findings.

Best regards.

junkie71189 December 20, 2012 13:42


Unfortunately the C-grid didn't work out quite so well even though it looked good. I ended up using a blockMeshDict file for my findings. This was better but not quite accurate enough specially for drag at lower angles and don't predict stall well enough.

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