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harishameed33 August 1, 2012 03:47

Pointwise: 3D mesh for agard wing 445

i am using pointwise in creating 3d unstructured mesh for agard wing 445. it is a tapered wing at 45 deg angle. i am using exturde option for creating prisms in the boundary layer region. but i am having some probelm at the wing tip... when i run the solver it always creates neg jacobian.. i have tried to refine my mesh but all in vain... so can any one guide me regarding this matter...

also to share that using t-rex i have no problem but i dont want t-rex.... i want to make prism in the BL region

tcarrigan August 1, 2012 12:34

You can still create prisms using T-Rex. Depending on the solver you're using, on export you can recombine tets into triangular prisms.

What solver are you using?

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