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Vishwas January 28, 2006 14:03

Question about gridgen mesh
I have created a grid in gridgen. It is a 3-D mesh. It has got 42 blocks. It is a fine (opposite to coarse) mesh. Is there any option in gridgen by which I can remove every alternate grid point in the fine mesh for all the three directions and create a coarse grid?

Thank you

AnotherCFDUser January 29, 2006 21:26

Re: Question about gridgen mesh
No simple way to do this.

You could try using the GLYPH scripting language (its pretty simple to get the hang of).

ag January 30, 2006 23:02

Re: Question about gridgen mesh
If you are willing to write a little code, you could always write the grids out in plot3d format, write a code to open up the file and remove the alternate grid points, output the new grids in plot3d format and import back into gridgen.

John Chawner February 12, 2006 19:15

Re: Question about gridgen mesh
If you literally want to remove every other point, the suggestion to write a Glyph script is a good one.

If you simply want to cut the number of points in half while keeping the same spacing constraints, use the ReDimension Grids command in the Connector menu. You can select one connector, change its dimension, and propagate the change in dimension throughout the rest of the grid.

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