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vishwas February 20, 2006 13:05

Gridgen question
I have created a 3.2 GB .grd file using a fortran code. I am tryng to read this file in gridgen. Gridgen does not read this file. I don't know if there is a error while writing the file or wether the file is too big for Gridgen. Can someone tell me please if gridgen reads 3 GB or bigger files? I was successful in opening a 2 GB file in Gridgen. But I do not know about this one.

maximus February 22, 2006 05:16

Re: Gridgen question
I think u may tansfer ur data to the plot3d format,then have a try. Maybe it works. Good luck!

John Chawner February 25, 2006 17:05

Re: Gridgen question
Hello vishwas,

The ability to import large data files depends on a lot of things: whether the grid is structured or unstructured, volume or surface, formatted or unformatted or binary. Since that's a lot of information to cover here on-line, I suggest that you contact our tech support at with the specifics of what you're trying to do and they can help you.

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