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Gandert Van Raemdonck February 22, 2006 16:51

gridgen 3D volume mesh
Hi all,

I'currently meshing a 3D heavy duty truck with gridgen. Due to the higly detailed model (roof deflector, mirrors, corner guide vanes...) a have made a unstructured surface mesh. But at some place I have two adjenct surfaces with a inclination angle of 90degrees. To get a proper boundary layer I tried to extrude the block (volume mesh) from those two unstructerd surfaces. That doesn't work very well, the result is higly skewed volume cells. So a made the unstructered cells structured locally. With the hyperbolic (extrude) function you get very nice volume cells. But the surfaces around these structured surfaces are still unstructured, and I would like to extrude thes unstructured surfaces (normally or via a path) from the surface. Doing this results in two blocks (stuctured and unstructered, both extruded) lying along each other, but they do not match perfectly. Is there a trick to overcome this problem and keeping the extrude option?


Rick Matus February 23, 2006 13:54

Re: gridgen 3D volume mesh

When you extrude the second block, use the Adjacent Grid boundary condition to make the boundary of the new block match the old block. This is described in Section of the Gridgen User Manual.

Hope this helps.

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