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James_ November 8, 2012 14:52

[Pointwise] unstructured mesh domain – question
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I’ve problem with creation of unstructured mesh (picture 1, 1a). In this case the domain is flat. This domain is a part of cylinder and it should looks like a domain in picture 2, 2a, (structural mesh). Each curve connector has 20 “connections” and straight connector is divided on 176 points (I’ve used dimension option).
What should I do to create an unstructured domain on a cylindrical part?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards

cnsidero November 8, 2012 20:22

James_ you will need to create a cylindrical database surface first, then create the unstructured domain on that surface so it takes the shape you desire.


James_ November 9, 2012 05:48

Thank you very much Chris:)

I am still not oriented well in Pointwise software and that is the reason of my basic problems

thanks for your help

Panboy June 5, 2013 14:58

You will want to do a projection onto your database

Naruto June 6, 2013 06:13

How could I create a curvy database? Could I do it inside pointwise or do I need to use CAD utilities and than transfer it into pointwise?

Panboy June 6, 2013 09:19

You can do it inside pointwise. You can create databases using the create-sweep or create-revolve features.

LamiaOF2.1 April 19, 2015 09:00

hello everyone
I dont know how to mesh this geometry
please help
it's a block into windy domain
can any one contact me and give me hlep

dgarlisch April 21, 2015 10:43


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