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Tobias Hoell June 6, 2006 07:29

Gridgen: Hybrid Mesh for a cone

My problem is the following: I want to create a hybrid mesh with Gridgen over a cone. I have an unstructured mesh on the surface and from that I want to extrude a structured mesh (prisms) for the boudary layer. After that I want to continue with an unstructured mesh.

But I always get an error creating the extruded block from the surface: "Extrusion process stopped because a cell containing a ZERO jacobian was detected."

Can anyone help me? I donīt know what to do...

Best regards,

Tobias Hoell (student, University Of Stuttgart, Institute Of Aerodynamics And Gas Dynamics)

John Chawner June 10, 2006 17:26

Re: Gridgen: Hybrid Mesh for a cone
Hello Tobias,

Does the cone have a sharp or rounded tip? If rounded, is it well resolved?

What is the first step size for the extrusion and what is the edge length of the triangles on the surface mesh?

Does the extrusion stop on the very first step or is it able to go several steps before stopping?

Are you doing the entire cone or are you using symmetry?

Take the answers to these questions and the Gridgen version number and put them in the form at Our support engineers will be happy to help you.

Tobias Hoell June 10, 2006 17:49

Re: Gridgen: Hybrid Mesh for a cone
Thank you very much, a support engineer already helped me.

jiejie October 2, 2013 08:36


Originally Posted by Tobias Hoell
Thank you very much, a support engineer already helped me.

Hi Tobias

I had the similar problem. I created my cone by creating a inclined straight line, then revolve it around an axis to have a sharp corner cone. I have the unstructured surface mesh. Then, I want to use extrusion to create the boundary layer / prism layer for the cone. However, the layers near the sharp tip of the cone is alway not very well resolved.

On the other hand, if the cone has a rounded tip/corner, this method works very well.

I just wonder whether you solved your problem or how should I deal with the sharp cornered cone?



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