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SeanQuallen April 29, 2013 17:30

Connectors Will Not Distribute Properly
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Hello! I'm attempting to produce a mesh on a wing tip geometry (see first picture). However Pointwise is fighting me. My connectors are showing strange behavior:
  • Using the 'Apply Equal Spacing' under the Distribute... menu doesn't make my edges equal. Most of them are, but some show up either much longer or much shorter than the rest (see second picture)
  • Some of these edges actually overlap themselves in the middle of the connector (see third picture).
These two problems happen seemingly independent of each other, although they both manifest in most of my attempts so far. Note that I have tried both 'Curve on Database' and also drawing a curve and projecting it to the database: Same problems occur.

Any ideas? Thanks!

jchawner May 17, 2013 09:38

Hi Sean:

It's been quite some time since you posted this but just in case you're still looking for an answer what you describe can occur if the geometry in your database actually folds on itself or if it has an extremely poor u-v parametrization. Other causes can be an odd interaction of the connector's dimension, the end spacing you prescribe, and the connector's length.

Hope that helps.

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