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Naruto April 30, 2013 13:07

Creating a cylindrical block
Dear pointwise users,
I am currently trying to mesh a 3-D cylindrical computational domain which comprises of 3 blades. I think I am on the last phase of the meshing as I have already created surface mesh of the blades and boundary layer. I have also constructed mesh on the surface of the cylindrical computational domain. Now I need a block of cylindrical computational domain. I am planning to use create-assemble special-block as I have seen in the tutorials and webinars. After that I am required to create an external face. But I could not perform that. The 'save face' option remains inactive. Could any one help me on this matter?


SeanQuallen April 30, 2013 17:21

I'm not the expert here, but I'd suggest posting pictures so we can see what you have so far. Do your dimensions of the outer to inner domains match? Are you using unstructured or structured?

Naruto May 1, 2013 01:00

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Attachment 21341

The picture is shown above. I want to create a block of the cylinder. But it is not working. I could not select all the surfaces to create one face which is required to create a block of the cylinder.

jchawner May 17, 2013 09:39


The unstructured block you've illustrated consists of 4 faces. The first must be the outer cylinder. Then you add, one by one, each of the green cylinders.

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