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YNM_07 August 8, 2013 22:12

Mesh Generation for Flow Over a Hemisphere
Hi Everyone,

I am very new to Pointwise and CFD in general and need to generate a three dimensional structured mesh for flow over a hemisphere mounted to a flat plate as part of a university project.

I have attempted to create the geometry and mesh for the fluid volume around the hemisphere but it is proving to be very difficult as the outer shape of the fluid domain is rectangular.

I have been reading through the Pointwise user manual and also the tutorials where I have acquired some great information though I still cannot figure out a way to create a block encompassing the hemisphere. The mesh is to be imported to ANSYS Fluent.

Any help or advice on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated and apologies if this seems like such a simple issue as I know many of you are very experienced.

Thanks in advance.


dgarlisch August 12, 2013 11:43

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Does it need to be a single block? Or can your solver handle a multiblock grid?

If multiblock is okay, break the hemisphere into 5 sections. a "top" and four "sides". It will look similar to a soccer ball. Then extrude these "sides" out to the appropriate walls. Then fill in the rest with other blocks.

YNM_07 August 13, 2013 21:09


Yes I assume Fluent will support multiple blocks. Thanks for the advice I will give that a go.

Appreciate the help!

Far August 20, 2013 17:30

blocking approach as shown by David Garlisch is v.good. But you need to put one o-grid around the sphere as shown below (created in ICEM, but the idea is same)

YNM_07 August 20, 2013 17:54

Thank you far,

I've actually used something similar to that used in this tutorial

I haven't imported it into the solver as yet but if it works well I will upload some images. I have to re-do it anyway to different dimensions so I will take some screenshots of the construction and upload for other users reference and feedback on the method.

Appreciate the responses guys, been very helpful.



Far August 20, 2013 18:02

Did you notice the approach is similar with better toplogy :D

PS: this mesh was made in less than five minutes and can be rescaled in min or two

Far August 20, 2013 18:11

Same blocking can be done in pointwise

YNM_07 August 20, 2013 18:16

Yeah I did notice it was quite similar.

Yeah I know but the first time creating it I was trialling things out at having a play around with tools and thing so some dimensions of the overall fluid volume are not as I would like them so I thought I'd quickly redo it. Will give me a bit of practice too which I definately need!

dgarlisch January 23, 2014 11:22

Is this still a Pointwise/Gridgen question or has it transitioned to something else?

Far January 23, 2014 12:58


Originally Posted by dgarlisch (Post 471459)
Is this still a Pointwise/Gridgen question or has it transitioned to something else?

Dear David Garlisch

I have moved posts related to ICEM to Ansys meshing forum.

As per policy of cfd-online only posts related to specific software be posted in the respective forum.

Best Regards

pmv August 18, 2014 06:52

Are there any detailed videos on how to do this that you could point me to? I'm basically doing the same kind of problem, and would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks.

dgarlisch August 19, 2014 12:33



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