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rvl565 November 6, 2013 13:38

Curved blade fan meshing

I have a solidworks (all surface) drawing (curved airfoil blade) which i need to mesh in pointwise.
when i import the drawing (.SAT or .IGES ) i see two database curves at the blade and hub intersection. I am not able to mesh this geometry because of these double curves as some of them are open.

Also, SAT and IGES only give the airfoil cross section at the root and the tip. When i mesh the blade pointwise is not able to interpolate the airfoil cross-sections in between the root and tip and the mesh generated is like that of a curved plate of some sort.

Thanks for your help!

tcarrigan November 6, 2013 18:35

Can you do a drop down on the list of database entities and ensure that the pressure and suction blades surfaces do not exist? It may be that there is a single surface defining the blade. In this case you'll only see the boundaries of the surface...the root and tip curves.

If you truly only have curves present, you can always generate the surfaces using the bounding curves either by going to Create, Interopolate or Create, Coons Patch. These operations will generate either ruled or b-spline surfaces respectively.

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