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Vishwas Iyengar December 7, 2006 11:36

I am trying to from Gridgen to NASTRAN. I have a grid in PLOT3D format which needs to be converted into an input format for NASTRAN. Could anyone help me with this transfer please?

Cheers, Vishwas Iyengar

John Chawner December 9, 2006 14:42

Hello Vishwas,

Here's how you'd start with a structured hex grid in PLOT3D format and convert it into NASTRAN format using Gridgen.

[Input/Ouput Commands]

Grid Pts [Import]

Block [Volumes]

Select the PLOT3D file.

Set the file attributes appropriately.

Grid is imported.

While still in the I/O menu...

Grid Pts [Export]

Block [Volumes]

Set the NASTRAN file name.

Select NASTRAN as the file type.

Select the blocks to export.

NASTRAN file is written.

Hope this helps.

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